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Second Edition: Zverf_Art
Simon was born in 1993 in Kortrijk and he did everything that everyone always expected him to do. He happened to graduate as a physiotherapist in 2016. One year later, the life on autopilot stopped when he suddenly experienced something unexpected. A very weird looking tumor made him stop taking life for granted and switched off that autopilot button. He stopped ignoring his own skills, passions, cravings and whatever else was flying around in his mind. Soon enough, he grabbed hold of a painting brush and started making his thoughts come to life on canvas. Mainly working with the vibrant colors of acrylic paint, he tries to make people look and think twice to make them appreciate something unexpected in their day to day lives.
In 2019, Simon quit his job and unknowing of what craziness 2020 would bring to the world, he and his partner Britt bought a one way ticket to Nepal. Apart from trekking in the wonderful Himalayas, they volunteered in an orphanage, situated in the hills surrounding Kathmandu. Two large wall paintings there paved the way for an even bigger project later on in Australia: 80m2 of wall paintings on a school playground. Currently he is herding and milking cows on a large dairy farm in Moe, Victoria. 
It's fair to say that the combination of Australian plains, tons of cow shit, face masks and a massive painting project made 2020 into quite an unexpected year.




First Edition: Adriaan Claerhout 
Released on 3rd of July 2020. Sold out 15th of August 2020.
"A coincidental line in an odd state of mind can come to life and inspire. It's important to know that the result is never dependent on the medium. Multimediality is central to my work. In my exploratory curiosity I am always looking for interesting tools to shape my world. I usually combine digital tools with analogue techniques such as woodcuts, drawing and painting.
My creations are open to interpretation. Most of the time, I cannot and don’t want to interpret it myself. People should see, think and feel for themselves when they experience my work.
I am a visually-wired person. Images can instantly bring up emotions and memories that can never be put into words. My work is my way of communicating, conveying my dreams, impressions and visions. I am in an endless inner dialogue between reality and my personal universe in which I shape everything. Here, I find myself in a kind of vacuum where time stands still and where everything is possible. My works are fractions of this fascinating, inspiring world."